We’re always fighting


Shady sellers. Sketchy houses. Tough as nails financers. We slay those dragons every day. From pre-approval to closing, we will never leave your side.


We answer our phones day and night. We study the market constantly. We experiment with new techniques. We protect you through the whole process. We’re like bulldogs—we never let go until your reach your goal.


We’re patient


If the home buying process scares you a little, we understand. There’s a lot of information online, and it can be confusing so we help you sort through it.  We are al about education. First time homebuyers deserve the same service as million dollar listings. We explain our reasoning at every step of the process and you won’t feel alone.  And if you need to see fifty houses over two years? Hey, sometimes you need to see fifty houses over two years.


We’re experts


We make sure we have the answers. We know everything you can find on a Google search and many, many things you can’t. That’s because every year each of our agents gets a new certification, degree or specialty, and every day we spend hours staying up to date on the market. We think, we care, we know.  And we make sure you know too.


We’re blunt


If your friend doesn’t tell you your fly is open, he’s not much of a friend!


We’ll tell you the truth, even when it hurts.


Why isn’t your house selling? Maybe it’s cluttered, maybe you priced it too high. Let’s fix the problem and get it sold.


Should you buy the most expensive house you qualify for? Not if it would cause financial ruin. We’ll show you a beautiful and wonderful, but somewhat less expensive house—and we’ll make less money in the process. We might even tell you you’re better off renting for a couple of years!


We’ll warn you about the possible plumbing defects. We’ll talk about traffic noise. We’ll be frank about pricing. And then we’ll let you make the call, because we’re not your parents.



Why We Exist


There are two reasons we exist. We want to give realtors a stable career even during recessions, and we want to have our clients’ backs regardless of income. 


First: our agents. In the Great Recession thousands of agents dropped out of the industry. I wanted to create something so my people in the industry would always have a career regardless of the rest of the economy. We offer stability, strength, and support through constant leads, a profit sharing model, and continual education. In return our agents commit to living and breathing the industry. This leads to more profits to share, further increasing stability. It’s a virtuous cycle.


Second: Clients deserve someone who will fight for them regardless of their incomes. Someone with bad credit looking for a $40,000 home needs the same treatment as the million-dollar listing. Making a habit of fully supporting every client means we’re always “on”, which benefits us AND the client in the long run.