Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson


  • Cell: 218-260-4951
  • Office: 218-722-6683
  • Office Location: 314 W Superior St MZ-75, Duluth MN 55802

About Adam Johnson

I can sum up my real estate practice with this motto: “Find the Perfect Fit.” This includes ensuring the right house ends up with the right buyer and all the procedures and paperwork are completed correctly. I also believe if the fit is less than perfect you can’t force it. It is almost like a certain person or couple is made for a certain house. I try to remember this whether I am helping a client to buy or sell a house. 

I also understand the sale must fit with the client’s budget. This means making sure sellers get a good price for their house and buyers get a house they can afford. In the past, I’ve worked some hard jobs and found out what a struggle it is to find a good home to fit your budget. So, it is very important for me to represent my client’s interests. My hard jobs often involved working for hard bosses. This has helped me when I need to get tough for my clients, though the vast majority of the time I think of myself as “the nice negotiator.”

In the past, I’ve done a lot of work with installation, property management, and construction. I understand how the elements of construction should fit together and I’ve developed an eye for when things aren’t quite right. This skill was very useful when I managed student housing. 

Even today, I like to do the demolitions on my rental properties myself. This isn’t because I need to pound out some frustrations, but because I love seeing how things fit together. I then can see what novel approaches the last person took and what flaws they managed to sweep under the carpet.

I grew up in this area and spent part of high school near Chicago. A little after high school my Christian faith became real to me. It gave me a baseline and showed me how things are supposed to fit.

Around that time, I also met my wife and we were soon married. Soon we were a young couple with a growing family. I now have two girls and two boys ranging between 3 and 10. I took my new responsibilities seriously and developed a strong work ethic. We didn’t have much for awhile, but it felt good supporting my family with hard work. My work isn’t as physical now, but I take it just as seriously. I believe in conducting my job with honesty and integrity.

Part of integrity is not putting a client in a bad fit, just to make more money. This is expected from all real estate agents and I take it very seriously. I work hard to help buy or sell the right property to the right person. I strive for a perfect fit.