Amy Spampinato

Amy Spampinato


  • Cell: 218-348-7027
  • Office: 218-722-6683
  • Office Location: 314 W Superior St MZ-75, Duluth MN 55802

About Amy Spampinato

My two great loves are teaching and entrepreneurship. Being an educator means telling buyers and sellers what they can expect at each step of the process so they aren’t later surprised. And being an entrepreneur also means helping others reach their goals—teaching and coaching team members and clients to help them get the best results, and succeed.

Starting businesses is in my blood. At eight years old, I was helping at my family’s Italian  restaurant and pizzeria on the Iron Range. At 10, I was doing customer service at my father’s taxidermy shop and creating mounts. By 16, I had turned my love of history and science fiction into a business that produced special effects and historical costumes, and was creating commercials for the local radio station.

While in college, I continued to operate businesses. At this point, I was mostly involved in running telemarketing companies and training in customer service, and worked as a business consultant  educating managers, realtors, brokers, and business owners about client support, service, and effective marketing. At the same time, I was getting my degrees in Anthropology and International law. From the trenches of cold calling to the ivory tower, I was learning to understand why people think and act the way they do. And how to understand what they really needed, even if they didn’t know themselves, yet.

After college my landlord offered me a chance to dive fully into real estate. I jumped at the chance and have loved it ever since.

As the Broker for the Expert Source Team, I try to focus on coaching and work behind the scenes, helping my agents strive to “grok” themselves, professionally. But I still LIVE to take on clients and will never stop; I love it too much. I love the psychology behind helping my clients figure out who they want to be NEXT in life. WHERE they want to GO, next.  I love the families I get to meet, and the stories they tell. There is nothing that drives me more than seeing a client reach that financial goal or lay out the next financial steps that they need to succeed. 

A core part of education is telling the truth. And I am very blunt. I am there to help a client meet their goals, and protect them, and holding back from hard truths do neither. If the way they are going about it won’t get them there, I will let them know. I spend a lot of time delving deeply into whatever areas of the market or real estate might effect my people, making sure my clients have a clear idea of what to expect, what wild cards might effect us, how we will deal with different situations, what steps are ahead and which step we are on. y making sure my clients have all possible relevenat information, they cam make the disicions that are best for them with confidence and a clear conscience.

While life may get busy, I love what I do, LIVE for it, and can’t wait to get to work in the morning. I also make time for some hobbies. My family and I try to go overseas at least once a year, I make historical clothing, and I breed bengals. I love the ocean and I am a master diver (though Lake Superior is just too cold for me).

But mostly I love people and love teaching them how to meet their goals. Give me a call or send me an email and I’ll help you meet yours.