Jim Gallagher

Jim Gallagher


  • Cell: 218-428-8108
  • Office: 218-722-6683
  • Office Location: 314 W Superior St MZ-75, Duluth MN 55802

About Jim Gallagher

Dining out is a way to escape the daily grind, and a really good waiter can transform a dinner into an experience. They’ll help you navigate the menu, recommend the perfect entrée, and take care of you all the way through. I owned and worked at several restaurants and now I serve up the perfect houses on a silver platter. 

My family owned a restaurant in Hermantown for 40 years. For about half that time, I worked at this restaurant. I did everything that was needed from cooking the food to putting it out. When you have a family restaurant you are involved in every aspect of the business. I also owned a few restaurants of my own.

The restaurant business gave me a lot of experience understanding and dealing with people and business in general. Owning properties gave me specific knowledge of the needs of buyers and sellers. When I was looking for a change and got the chance to go into real estate, it was a perfect fit. 

To be a successful real estate agent you first need to know the market. You need to know what houses are available and where the good deals are. You also should be aware a lot can happen. You might be close to getting a house when the deal falls through. This is when I try to keep my clients calm and tell them this is the nature of the game. In real estate, unexpected things often happen. 

I know from my past and present experience the importance of listening to the customer. You need to find out what they need and then put it together with what is available. It is all about the connection with people and helping them get to where they need to be. My job is to act as a guide, helping people get where they want to go. 

I’m definitely not a high pressure salesman. Buying a home or selling a home is stressful enough already. I’ve bought properties on my own so I know how difficult it can be. It can be draining! My job is to make the transactions go as smoothly as possible and tell my clients what to expect. Oftentimes you are dealing with people who haven’t done this that often. The average person probably buys a house once or twice in a lifetime so I know it’s important to stay calm.

You have to plan ahead for the great unknown. You have to steer everyone in the right direction so things will go as smooth as possible. In the kitchen things are happening very fast so there can be a lot of tension. Things don’t move as fast in real estate, but unexpected things are going to happen. Call me if you’re looking for a calm guide through this tricky process. I’ll help you find a perfect home and deliver it right to you, no stress necessary.