Mike Spampinato

Mike Spampinato


  • Office: 218-722-6683
  • Office Location: 314 W Superior St MZ-75, Duluth MN 55802

About Mike Spampinato

This industry is about three things: now, now, and now! We’ve all heard that the biggest part of winning is just showing up. Being “Johnny on the Spot,” kind of like Upham was inSaving Private Ryan, is why I am able to score wins for my clients. I’ve got energy, availability, and the drive to get what my clients want. This is my only job, and I try to always be available when my buyers are.

Being available was how I got into this business to begin with. When my sister needed some help with her real estate practice, I moved down from the Iron Range to help her out. What started as a temporary job turned out to be a career I love.

When you work in real estate, it helps to know about houses. I learned a lot about houses and construction just being available to help out family and friends. Growing up, I worked on my house with my dad and my brother. Later on, when I would help friends with housing projects, I would often be the foreman. I have also worked professionally pouring foundations. 

With this experience, I feel competent in most areas of houses except for plumbing and electrical. I’m not an inspector, but many times I can tell when something isn’t right and can quickly alert the inspector.

I also know the importance of paying attention to the clients and their needs. My past experience as a bartender made me a good listener. Over time, I have gotten better and better at reading between the lines.

                  When I’m helping a client with a buy, I can tell the difference between an investor who is just interested in the bottom line or someone looking for their “forever house.” I also know what a buyer says they want, what they really want, and what they need are often three different things. In these cases it is important to be in the game and read the clues. I’ll help you notice the details you might be overlooking and I’ll be honest with you if something doesn’t look like a good fit.

I love negotiation so much, I even do it in my spare time playing fantasy football! When I negotiate, I work hard to get the client the very best price and I am quick to grab the house that perfectly matches all their criteria. You have to be quick to win at fantasy football and you have to be even quicker to “win” the right house for your clients. My aim is to win at both.

I just want to get there, get it done, and have a satisfied client. As soon as I get that call, I’m there. If I was given a choice of a superpower, I would pick teleportation hands down. The sooner I can put a happy family into a home or take a big load off a seller’s back, the better I feel.